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We don't do tennis. We do Tennis Central.

We are all busy with less leisure time than ever. And, let's face it, it's just not fun to improve slowly. We get it. Are you ready to experience the thrill of exponential growth, in a fun and caring environment where everything is convenient and stress-free?  


Not only is it possible, it's the reality here at Arlington Tennis Pod. We have completely redesigned the tennis experience and we need your talent, heart and camaraderie to make us even stronger.

Will you join us and experience tennis like never before?
Our Coaching Power Team


Tennis Central professionals are carefully hand-picked through a difficult and lengthy vetting process.  Only the best can join us!


Requirements to become a Tennis Central Professional:


  1. Player Credentials: Is or has been a top 10 nationally ranked player selected to a national team with an international ranking 

  2. Coaching Credentials: Can teach Tots and Pros alike and demonstrate an ability to accelerate students' improvement exponentially.

  3. Mentoring Credentials: Must inspire each student to be the best and go the extra mile to guarantee success regardless of talent

  4. Certification & Training: Must complete a rigorous master certification and pass the FITCAP / EDS training program

  5. Tradition of Excellence and Professionalism: Mediocrity is not part of our vocabulary and only those with an excellence mentality are accepted.




> Learn more about the TENNIS CENTRAL coaches

Our Unique Teaching Methodology


Our Tennis Programs are the most technically, mentally, and physiologically complete in the area. Our progression methodology based on the European Player Development System (EDS) is designed to turn every player into the best athletic version of herself/himself. This unique methodology creates winners of all ages and at any level of ability much faster than conventional programs.

Our propriatery FITCAP Methodology targets Fitness, IQ, Technique, Consistency, Accuracy and Power.  Through this multi-faceted approach a player can master the fundamentals of tennis in less than 8 weeks. Don't let the tennis athlete in you miss out on this program. 


No experience?? Perfect, you have no bad habits!


> Learn more about our FITCAP Methodology

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