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Alexis has developed a strong backhand and a great mental ability over the years. He brings dedication, care and passion to all his pupils. He will not only help you improve your tennis skills, but also help you improve your athletic abilities and mental strength in order to become a complete athlete!

Being myself an internationally ranked tennis player, I realized through the years that tennis is not only about technique, but it requires way more skills such as Fitness, Intelligence, Consistency, Accuracy, Power, and Heart. As a coach, I am here to help you reach your goals, and push your limits so you can become the best version of yourself."


​Alexis brings a wealth of international experience at all levels. Most recently, Alexis received a full scholarship to play tennis at the University of the District of Columbia, during which time he led his team as captain for three years reaching the NCAA Tournament twice. He graduated summa cum laude and was recognized by the NCAA with Men’s Tennis All-East Coast Conference Honor. For the last several years he has been ranked a top junior player in France.  He was captain of the French National Team to the Tennis World School Championships in Australia finishing 6th in the world. He won the Nike Junior Tour Tournament in France three years in a row. 



My coaching philosophy is called Exponential Improvement. I believe that with the right inspiration you have the potential to become the best tennis version of yourself. Our programs are designed to inspire, educate, and accelerate the learning curve of each of our pupils from age 3 to age 93. Our coaches are trained, certified and vetted to be your best improvement advocate and we will stop at nothing to get you to where you deserve to be." 


​In his playing career, Yann was ranked #91 in the world ITF Junior Tour and had wins in the top 100 on the ATP tour. He was a Davis Cup player by age 16 and became the NCAA Div 1 ranked #7 in the US.  In his coaching career, Yann has personally coached over 20,000 tennis players and touched 3 million worldwide through online instruction. He has been voted "Coach of the Year" twice by the Washington Post, was voted "Top 10 Most Influential Tennis Coaches Worldwide" by the Tennis Congress and is the #1 Footwork expert in the US.


I believe that nothing comes without hard work and dedication. The more you practice the better you get. I started to play in Spain when I was 5 years old. I therefore definitely think mental and physical abilities are key in tennis. You need to be willing to stay tough to win.  I think that you also need to use your strengths, we all have different qualities that we need to highlight. Finally, don’t forget about having fun. If you like playing tennis, enjoy it alone or with your friends and you will improve quickly."


Alexe is a fiery lefty that will bring the best fighting spirit out of her pupils. 


Alexe has participated in the French National Championship (hosted at Roland Garros) in singles and doubles for 4 years in a row where she made it to the semi final in doubles. She has spent the past several years ranked as one of the top junior players in France and participated in the "Petits As" tournament, which is the World Cup tournament for the best juniors of the world. She has received a full scholarship to play for Stetson Women's tennis team in the NCAA Division 1. 


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